Saira Easton is a certified coach with over 350 hours of global experience, certified Hatha Yoga teacher,  Reiki Healing practitioner, Blogger and soon to be Author of Burnout to Bliss. 

Previously a group Head of People Development at Thomson Reuters and Pearson, Saira enjoyed a career working in London, Geneva and Beijing; consulting on leadership strategy, designing and facilitating multiple career development workshops, and coaching. 

Her transition from near fatal burnout to spontaneous spiritual awakening brought her to her souls calling. 



She's now driven to use all her skills from her corporate career, and learning from her life transforming healing journey and new skills to share the wisdom that came from the blue print of awakening and healing journey with thousands around the world. 


"Through empowering workshops, coaching and writing, I hope to aid in the shift towards a new paradigm of healing and awakening' Saira shares. 

She hopes to be a voice for the emerging soul seeker sharing hope and clarity with anyone on the journey of self discovery. 


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